CONCEPT OF GOD which features current members of
Solitude Aeturnus: Robert Lowe (vocals), Steve Moseley (guitar)
James Martin (bass) and former Solitude Aeturnus member
John Covington (drums) began in late 1999 not long after Solitude
released their fifth album Adagio. As Solitude entered into what
would become their longest break between albums, music was
being written by Steve Moseley for a side project of a slightly
different nature. As fate would have it, Robert Lowe was also
developing a "Concept" for a side project, and presented
Steve with lyrics and ideas that he had been working on.

After agreeing to focus their efforts, the CONCEPT OF GOD
project began to take shape. John Covington came aboard on
drums, and long time friend River Tunnell stepped in on bass.
This line up played quite a few regional shows with different
keyboard players in the mix as well. Eventually River was
replaced with James Martin whom Steve had worked with in
other projects over the years. In December 2000 after many
months of live shows, this line up entered Pineapple studio in
Arlington Texas to record nine songs. Shortly afterwards
problems arose with Solitude, and side projects were put
on hold. The Concept recordings were never completed.
As band members changed in Solitude, and new material was
being written for their next album Alone, it seemed that the
CONCEPT OF GOD project would never see the light of day.

In July 2007 after almost seven years the recordings were taken to
Nomad Studio in Carrollton Texas (
and put together in their proper form by the master engineer
Mr. J.T. Longoria. The album was produced by Steve Moseley and
mastered by Steve and Nomad Studio owner Gary Long.

Massacre Records in Germany (
will be releasing this debut album entitled "VISIONS" on November
9th 2007. The music is a mix of Power and Doom, with a hint of
Technical Edge that is sure to please fans of Solitude Aeturnus
and all who like it HEAVY. With artwork from the amazing
Torsten Gebhardt ( and layout design
from Richard Peters (, VISIONS has
become as much a spectacle for the eyes as it is music for the
ears. This new album from CONCEPT OF GOD offers a unique
glimpse into the lives of a few Solitude Aeturnus members during
their long hiatus between 1999 and 2006, proving that true metal is
alive and well.

Copyright 2007 Bullseye Productions Artwork and Logo by Torsten Gebhardt (LOBO)
Mixed and Mastered at Nomad Studios Released through Massacre Records Germany