For those few people who are interrested:

Steve Moseley uses Warmoth guitars, Rocktron amplification, Laney cabinets, Celestion speakers, GHS strings, Seymour Duncan and AGI Lace pickups.

James Martin uses Spector basses, Gallien Krueger amplification, Mesa Boogie cabinets, Tone Tubby speakers, GHS strings, and EMG pickups.

John Covington uses Sonar drums and hardware, Remo heads, Sabian and Zildjian cymbals.

Robert Lowe uses whatever microphones are in the studio.

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All Music written by Steve Moseley except track 8* and track 9*
All Lyrics by Robert Lowe except track 9*
* Track 8: Music by Steve Moseley and Robert Lowe
* Track 9: Man on the Silver Mountain written by R. Blackmore / R.J. Dio Copyright 1975
All Music arranged by Concept of God

No Synthesizers, Keyboards, Harmonizers, or Vacuum Tubes were used (or harmed) during the making of this album... maybe next time?

Recorded at Pineapple Studio in Arlington Texas December 2000 through January 2001.
Engineered by Barry Saling
Re-Mixed at Nomad Studio in Carrollton Texas June 2007 through July 2007.
Engineered by "Master" J.T. Longoria

Produced by Steve Moseley and J.T. Longoria
Mastered by Steve Moseley and Gary Long at Nomad

Artwork and Logo by Torsten Gebhardt
C.O.G. "amulet" and cd layout by Richard Peters

Copyright 2007 Bullseye Productions Artwork and Logo by Torsten Gebhardt (LOBO)
Mixed and Mastered at Nomad Studios Released through Massacre Records Germany